I was trolling craigslist and saw someone who would trade his new les paul studio for an ec-1000. I've had mine for a while now, and frankly, it frustrates me.

I play a lot of metal, but also a lot of classic rock and lighter rock.

This is more of a boredom thing, but I figured if it's a good deal, I might as well go for it.
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depends on if the ec-1000 has emgs or passives, if it has emgs and you want to play lighter stuff, go for the trade…but if it has passives i don't really see the point. I would much rather have the ltd
Only if you play it for a while and really think it's better than your EC for you. What's frustrating you about it?
If it were me personally and the problem is the EMG's I'd just swap them out for some nice passives.
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it depends also on how much high fret playing you do. i had a les for a couple of years and when i started to do more upper fret work, it pissed me the fuk off. no upper-fret access.as for the actual guitar, good trade. just know that i traded a nice strat for the les b/c i was looking for a better guitar, and it left me missing my strat.
Hell no. IMO the EC-1000 is 1000000000000000 times better than a Les Paul Studio, in both sound and feel, but you should probably at least try a LP Studio and see if you like it or not.
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I wouldn't personally if it is a faded series. Have you tried a LP studio?
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There's no LP Studio out there that would make me give up an EC-1000.
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