So I need to get a new guitar soon, was looking at the Music-Man Axis super sport, like everything about it so I went to my local dealer to try it out, love the feel of the neck, tone, weights, everything!! Called music man today and for what I wanted it was $2,130. Holy ****. For an all maple neck, non locking tuners, basswood body and maple top thats alot! So I searched some more and came across Sterling by Music man.

Heres the link:

Same model and features and the music-man Just built over seas.. (by Samick, which I have a couple Greg Bennett high end guitar which are built by them and sound great). Same features except instead of a 1/4" maple top it has a 1/8" maple veneer and the pickups aren't Dimarzio's. but Everything else is the same except price, $500 for hard tail and 650 for floyd rose (Dont like).

Does anyone know if this is worth getting and if the pickups are kinda ****ty just change them out. Anyone play this and a Music man axis??
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$2,130. Holy ****. For an all maple neck, non locking tuners, basswood body and maple top thats alot!

It's the way it's put together, not the ingredients, man.

I'm not a fan of the sound or style, but I've been trying to fall in love with these for a long time now. I wish I could find guitars that sound like I want with the playability and craftsmanship of these.

Picking up one of these after noodling on a $4000 Gibson makes me sigh in wistful agony.

That said, my experience with the "knock-off" versions of flagship guitars (eg PRS se, Epi LP, MiM strat, etc.) has been hit and miss.

You just have to try a few until you find a good one, then set about to pickup, wiring, and hardware upgrades.
Well samick factories are really good so Im not worried how its put together. Ive had a bunch of experiences with them and have always been pleased. Ive played a handfull of American PRS and haven't been too pleased, even when they were the pre-95' with the TOM bridge not that god awful wraparound **** they got now.

Even with the $800 Greg Bennett UM-3 I have sounds better than a 71 LP and strats. The only upgrades I had done were Seymour Duncan Pickups, and Tone pros graph tech bridge and locking tail piece. I really feel that everything made in America is getting really ****ty lately.
I was curious about the Sterling Music Man brand myself since I still am drooling over having a JP model someday. I went to look for the old OLP model which was cheap and then saw that OLP is no more Sterling is the new Sub Music Man brand. I ran across the Axis model at my local GC to check it out since they didn't have the JP I would of loved to compare to what I remember of the OLP JP that I played and have to say that I was impressed. this one had the LFR on it and even that was pretty good. the pickups were good on it the guitar sounded good overall. Never played a real MM Axis to compare it to but I'd say for the price tag of around 4-500 it's worth it and seems to be a well built factory produced guitar. If your looking at it I'd say it's a safe buy. Worst case change out your pups and you'll be set.
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Does anyone else have any feedback of these, Ive played the MM U.S built one and loved it. Every thing is the same except for, 1/8" Maple top instead of 1/4" and there not Dimarzio pickups, but Ive heard these sound great.