I feel rather insane for posting here, but....I've got nowhere else to look and maybe someone will have an answer. Or I'll just get flamed for being a geek :P

So I have to start applying to colleges soon, and I wanna major in some sort of biological science...prolly virology or immunology or microbiology, one of those three. I've looked everywhere, but even Google has failed me. So....does anyone know of any good schools/colleges that offer those major(s)?

Sorry, I dont know any, just passing by and being a jackass.
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Harvard? Princeton? any of those other schools for rich smart@$$ people?
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One of these three will probably be best:

Arizona Institute of Virology
Arizona University for Immunology
University of Arizona for Microbiology
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just know you'll be on the 5 year plan when you get in.
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