Hi, I am selling my Rack Setup, all prices are shipped. Really not looking for trades, but willing to look at all offers. Everything works great, I am just downsizing and simplifying my setup.

Randall RT 2/50 Power Amp $700- Good Shape, minor rack rash, includes the following tubes which all work in this power Amp with bias adjustment.
1 set JJ KT 88 from the Tube Store (matched)
4 JJ E34 L's
2 JJ 6l6GC
2 Tung Sol 5881's
4 GT EL34M (2 matched sets)
(all the JJ's came from Eurotubes)

currently installed are 2 THD Yellow Jacket Duets with EL84 GTs in them
and 2 Tungsol 6V6 GTs (Matched)

I also replaced every 12ax7 tube including the inverter tubes less than 3 months ago. These tubes are balanced or matched as appropriate. The unit is approx 2.5 years old, I have owned it for about a year. As you can see, the tubes alone make this one hell of a deal. (price them and you will see). The ears are straight, especially for a power amp of this weight. I have the handles somewhere, but removed them. I will try to find them, but no promises.

Other gear:
Peavey Rockmaster FJA Modded (high gain mod) $350- Includes footswitch

Voodoo Labs Pre Amp $375- Includes Footswitch----Sold

Rocktron Intellifex Online $135 Good Condition

Samson Power Conditioner $100- less than 6 months old.

Rack Case 8 Space Carvin $75 - Will sell last, has some decals on it to add personality, but I can remove if you want.

I have posted pics on Harmony Central if interested: http://acapella.harmony-centra.....?t=2453216

Thanks Tom
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