Did a bit of research and it appears to be an Ampeg Fretless bass.

this one has the correct bridge cover, holes, color, and headstock


if you pause the video around 4:16 i think you get the best view of the whole bass.

Actually 4:28 shows the holes in the body. and 4:30 shows the headstock curl thing.

His name is Rick Danko.

And you're welcome btw.
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It is an Ampeg AUB-1 fretless bass guitar. You're correct - it does have a scroll headstock and F-holes that go completely through the body. There was also a fretted model called the AEB-1. The model first came out in 1966. If you are curious:


They have a picture and background information.
Whoa, cool bass...I had forgotten about those. The shape reminds me of a non-reverse T-bird for some reason...it's the horns I guess.
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if u want one, eastwood guitars makes a reissue that is pretty sweet. sounds like the real thing.
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thanks a ton UG. Wish i had the spare cash to shell out for one