So the band im in we are younger we are all in highschool still 2 of us are 16 and the other is 17, we are all pretty laid back individuals. we just started the band in julyish we have 2 songs written and ready to have people worked in on and 2 others currently in the works. we have several show hook ups so as soon as were ready and hopefuly you we will be playing shows. like i said were laid back we arnt druggies or alcoholics. we dont mind if u drink or smoke as long as its not out of hand and it doesnt come to practice or ur on anything during practice. we arnt doing a emo screamo band but were not doing a death metal band eitier were kind in the middle but far from emo. were trying to be unique not llike everyone else.

Our combined intrestes consist of these styles of bands:

Lamb of god
Ammon amarth
Dimmu Borgir
(some) As i lay dieing
Children of Bodom

we arn't limited to those styles but those are the major influences
hey im in a band from oregon, when you get your band together we should play some shows together. im looking for bands to play with lol
Not how you spell dying, you ****ing tool.

EDIT: or Amon, or Trivium

Also, do you have a vocalist?
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