I just got an ESP EC 1000 the other day and its gorgeous...I am thinking of buying an ESP Eclipse to...would I notice any difference between the guitars? I am planning on keeping the EC 1000 to. Thanks
not really. not at all, they're pretty much the same quality. like 99% the same, someone with an ESP seeing you have an LTD will tell you how much better his ESP is than your LTD, but the truth is the LTD deluxe series is on par with ESP. Just my opinion.
Well for starters, the Eclipse has 22 frets vs 24 on the EC-1000.
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Well, you wouldn't be blinded by the abalone trim on the Eclipse.

But seriously, everything on the Eclipse would be of higher quality and likely you would notice the biggest difference in how well the guitar holds up. Also a specific difference is the number of frets. An Eclipse has 22 where an EC-1000 has 24. You can take that in two ways, one being the EC-1000 is better for making that whole second octave or that the Eclipse is better for putting the neck pickup in a tonally optimal spot. Some people say that putting in those two extra frets on LP styled guitars is a sin for throwing off the positioning of the neck pick up, though I can't say for myself. Other things would be fit and finish, probably the most noticeable being the quality of quilted or flamed maple.

There was a guy on here a while back who posted a custom shop Eclipse and it had probably the nicest quilted top I've ever seen. But that's a custom shop and you won't get that nice of a quilt on an Eclipse ... not sure why I bothered mentioning that.
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