I just purchased a peavey 6505+ head for 600 and i want to retube it. it is my first tube amp so what are some good tubes to buy. i know the different types of tubes but need to know what brand of 12ax7 and 6l6 to buy. also what is baising and how do i do this/ sholud i do this. i play metal so i need some high gain tubes/ if there is such things as high gain tubes. im looking for a good heavy and dark tone kinda like a whitechapel. So can anyone recommend some good tubes to buy.
Hot damn...didn't think the 6505 needed help with gain, haha. Anyways, for 12ax7s I really like Tungsols so far, they're designed for high gain stuff and do break up quicker with less volume. Clarity isn't an issue and they seem to do great. As for power tubes, if you don't care about maintaining a clean channel for playing clean, get a hard set of powertubes. Again, quicker break up but it will pretty much destroy your clean channel. Biasing if memory serves is a voltage thing across the tubes in the poweramp section and gets adjusted, so a tech would probably be a good person to take the amp to for that once you have power tubes. Pre amp tubes you can just yank out and stuff a new one in.
Oh and most importantly since it's your first tube amp....take some time and play around with the settings on the amp, you'd be surprised what you can get out of them if you mess with it. Additional equalizers in the f/x loop help too and can really change a lot without the hassle and expense of tubes.
yeah it doesnt need any help with gain i just want to maintain the gain i do have and not have some s#%ty tubes kill my gain., i just want to change them cuz they look like stock tubes and the head is an older one(kinda like buying a car, the first thing you do is change the oil since u dont know when the last time it was changed). i have played with this thing for almost a week and it is killer.
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You'll get your chance soon enough to dealing with new tubes. If you just got this thing, I'd run with what you have for now instead of making a rush decision. Do some more research and also figure out exactly what you want to change about your tone.

Tung Sols are brighter sounding tubes than say JJs or Mullards.

Also, when you are ready send an email to Doug at dougstubes.com. He'll set you strait.