A while ago I purchased an Epiphone Goth SG. I bought it to serve as a drop C set up guitar with 13's on it, and while that was all well and good for a little bit, it fell down in my gig bag during a practice and the neck broke. Fortunately, it wasn't too bad and broke clean enough to be repaired at the local music shop. It seemed alright for a little bit, but gradually the tension of the strings and the weak joint at the neck caused the neck to pull up. I discovered this after noticing my action was about a half an inch at the 12th fret one practice. I brought it back to the store, explained the problem again and they couldn't do anything about it, so now I'm left with an SG with a broken neck that I'm certain I could snap the neck out of the neck pocket without a terrible amount of difficulty.

tl;dr, and question is, can I perhaps break the neck off/out and replace it with a different, maybe bolt on neck? Or is it still possible to try to glue it back in?

I will try to provide pictures if necessary
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I will try to provide pictures if necessary
It is.
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pics would help
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Ok, here's the pictures... sorry it took a while

And that's with all the strings loose, almost no tension...

and the bridge height use to be high b/c I thought it could be used for slide, but that wouldn't be practical at all. It's low now:

that's the best pic I can get for the neck... Like I said, the break was relatively clean, I guess. I don't know if I could break it off as easily as I first said, but it's still the way it is. Any thoughts?
Take it to a luthier- he or she could probably fix that.
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Sorry for your loss . Taking it to a luthier might not be practical, especially since the guitar isn't worth much to begin with. It's probably going to be expensive (hundreds, but correct me if I'm wrong on that). By all means though, at least get an estimate first.
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first i would demand a refund from the shop that "fixed" it. Obviously they didnt use a quality glue and leave it clamped long enough. its a repair you can do yourself but i wouldnt go back to that shop for repairs.
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Get a glue syringe and inject titebond original in there and clamp it as much as possible for a day.

Or finish the break, remove all the existing glue, sand it, and follow the above steps.

You may not need to finish the break.
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Get a glue syringe and inject titebond original in there and clamp it as much as possible for a day.

Or finish the break, remove all the existing glue, sand it, and follow the above steps.

You may not need to finish the break.

I agree. Use a c clamp, not one of those quick clamps.
I normally am for finishing the break in these kinds of problems, but in this case, i would have to say it not worth the possible benefits of finishing it. Glue it and clamp it.
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Yeah, as far as a refund, all they gave me was a free pack of strings. The guys who work there are complete idiots (and get a bad rap from other store owners in the area for stinginess on prices) as far as guitars and repairs go. I only tried it since I thought I might as well give them a go (they work on guitars in there all the time, but as the results show, I wonder why anyone even bothers with them)

Thank you for the help, I will try the method suggested by Jim and update somehow in the future if it works out!