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I like this much more than your other song. The drums are actually on time here hah. The keyboard is simple but veryyy nice. I like it a lot.

Distorted guitar tone is still bad, are you going line in or are you micing? The playing seems fine, but the tone is really thin and muddy at the same time.

Ending was very Tool. Pretty neat. really liked the intro a lot.

You obviously already critted me, but yah good stuff.

Everything is plugins. ****ty guitar rig. I cant rig up my splawn and 6505 at 5am!
I like how supposedly two people listened to it, yet the song only has one play

I really love the build-up at the beginning, the guitar tone, well you know
holy crap, I am LOVING those tribal drums around 1:32
the mood you're setting is really cool, love the arrangement (finally someone who actually ARRANGES songs instead of just playing powerchords (not that I ever use powerchords >.> <.< )

and I agree, the ending is VERY tool. which is a good thing :{P

EDIT: oh yeah, crit mine?