An original Jazz tune I wrote. The organ sound is a guitar- but it sounds just like an organ! Let me know what you think, of the composition and the playing- I'm starting to get somewhere in thinking and playing like a jazz guitarist.


thanks! C4c
I quite liked the guitar tone too, it's very warm.

I quite like mellow music too, I think it's a good solo.

But I sort of agree what the guy above me already said...I mean, I liked it, but I'm sure a lot of other people won't listened to it for the whole time, because it is quite similar all the way through.

Perhaps you could like...Make it a breakdown in a longer song with more energy? I think it would be a really good breakdown instrumental section. In fact, the song doesn't even have to have more energy.

Perhaps you could have different electronic noises in the background or something. I think the solo is nice, but you could try using it as a sound texture too, I think it would be quite good.

Still, I think it works fine as a texture or melody, but it might have a bit of difficulty holding the listener's attention. Overall, it's a good job, though.

Can you crit. mine please? Thanks in advance.

I like it, very jazzy like, really good tone too. But like everyone else said, it dosent hold your attion throughout the whole song. Try adding an acoustic guitar in there, most jazz bands have acoustic in them, or they used to in the old days. And mabey change your tone every now and then, you know, just change pickups.

But overall, really good.
I really like it ... there's a good vibe to it overall and that warm tone to the lead guitar is really good
There are certain parts where it feels like you're searching for a certain not, but in time you'll find it
On the other hand the rhythem guitar is way too repetitive ... which then makes the parts of the lead that you repeat or play over similar scale sections seem more redundant
You could either change up the rhythem a bit or what I would do is add another lead guitar over it .. but if you're also proficient with the bass just add a little bass solo at those parts

I really liked and you're definitely heading in the right direction
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great song, man. that tone is beautiful.
not to mention it's very well played.
love the organ and drum parts too. they're just right.
I love jazz, but unfortunately, I never got past "jazzy" chords in my playing. haha.
keep it up!

check out some of my stuff? not nearly the same, but you know.