So I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. Trying to decide in which unit to invest my money in, the Line 6 PODxt Live or the Boss ME-70.

I'm currently playing an Ibanez RG-350 with a CrateGT212. Not the best tone coming out of the amp, but its alright. I wanna improve it though.

From all my research it seems that the ME-70's COSM modeling is a bit lacking. But then again the ME-70 is more geared towards the effects rather than the modeling.

I personally found from my research the PODxt Live's tone awesome. However, its 100 bucks more, and lacks a looper (which I could honestly live without, but its nice to have). In addition, the reviews I read for the ME-70 seem to be RAVING about how awesome it is...

I don't necessarily need all the effects the ME-70 offers, so I was wondering, for those of you who have played both, which one did you prefer. Keep in mind my amp is mid-quality, so the Boss would probably not sound as good.

POD, no contest. Buy used and you can get all the model packs for less than a new one.
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tonelab le. less cost, and better imo.

or just get an amp with the gain you want.

buying a multi effect for not using the effects is senseless imo. get an amp... sorry, just trying to honestly help.

genres? budget? etc...
i have podxtlive clips in my profile. every clip is using it
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