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Originally this was a joke actually. I wanted to try to write the most satanic, doomy song I could. Like the song's tempo is 66, it has 66 measures. There's also another reference to the number 666, but it's more hidden and you probably need to be a guitarist to find it. Overall it's somewhat corny imo but I still like it, and I hope you do too.

C4C, just leave a link.

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I've never heard of it. But Ironically, my highschool sports teams were known as the Logan Berries.

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you got it right when you said it was corny lol. if i said i liked it i would be lieing lol. good quality recording though.
Thanks, I'll crit you later.

The other reference isn't actually the diminished fifths thing, that was just to try to make it sound more satanic, or ugly, same thing maybe haha. I'll just tell you where the other one is. It's in the riff at :44. The three chords there are the diminished fifth, or 6 half steps up from the root, or the 6th fret, whatever. So it's like "dadadadadadadada 6 6 6" kinda. Yeah I know whatever...

Yeah and I really don't listen to any Doom metal so I don't have a firm understanding of how it's supposed to sound, which is why it sounds thrashy at some parts. The only Doom song I actually know is the one from Guitar Hero 2, Red Lottery, that inspired this song.
Lol, its not bad, kinda catchy, sounds a bit like doom metal. Nice tone, drums are kinda cool, I think you did a good job. Some evil sounds like in the Quake music would be kinda cool too. Look up Trent Razor, he did the music for the original Quake game, that has some freaken scary songs on it.

But on a completly unrelated note, I went to the grocery store today with a 20 and my change ended up being $6.66. Not even jokeing. Must of been the bakeing soda.