Ok i am building a modified explorer guitar. Mahogony body, but what size wood blank do i use? Also a reputable place to pick it up. Thanks a million
any large chain hardware store, such as B&Q in the UK, but for better prices go to a local lumber yard, u should need about 2 by 3 feet for an explorer body blank
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so you're saying i can just run to the local menards and get some mahogony guitar wood?
... Not at my local Menards. If you want wood for a guitar you need to go to a lumber yard focused more on wood working than building materials. I don't want to spam, but if you want I can link you to the lumberyard I like to go to (in Minneapolis, MN) to get an idea of what you need to look for. The modified Explorer I am building ended up being roughly 16.5" wide, so unless you can find a giant ass blank like that on eBay or something, you're going to need to either A) make your own (like I did) or B) get a normal size blank, cut of some of the excess, and reglue it where you need the extra width. One thing to keep in mind though, is that making a blank is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than buying one provided you have tools. I could make a 16.5"x22" blank which is plenty big enough for a Explorer for like $48US in African mahogany, not including tool wear, which is realistically maybe a few dollars per blank for sawing, gluing, and planing.
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