Dear UG,

My dishwasher is making this annoying
neeer er neeer er noise, with some kind of harmonized droning thats like two or three oct. apart. And a really bass heavy noise thats like bump bump bump.
And then this stupid arppegio on like a water instrument thats like de ne nah ne da neh bulululllalalalaumaumalum, its really fast at the end. I think the whole thing is in E.

Anyway let me know what you guys think.
Get married, have your wife wash the dishes. Put some real music on the radio.
That's what I think.
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Record it and make a techno song.
edit: Its in E, so do a Metallica cover.
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Record it and make a metal song.
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Wash your dishes by hand lazyass.

Also: Stop making dumb threads before I ban you.

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