I've been writing lyrics for a long while now, but i haven't posted anything here until now. Its not my best work, and it hasn't been edited much, but that is what this forum is for i think? It doesn't have a name yet, but some good criticism would be greatly appreciated.

I've failed to gain your pathos
Im genuine no more
Ive burnt all of my masks
and yet i feel just the same

Black clouds gathering
outlining all these empty actions
another period of waiting
the elegy for these flaws renewed
I dont want to be reminded
I dont want to be refused

"Horizon bound again
and i take up my roots
I dont know if I'll ever get much further
Your radiance has a dark undertow"

My blissful dreams of you
slid from my fingers
I can't clench my hands tight enough
twilight hours linger
forced unto these eyes.


Choking on the smoke of the third misgiving
now falling down into the thousandth lie
a third time to claw at living
and once again to subside

Failures bleed dark
hopeless as facade
please let there be reprise
eternity must go on.
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