good guitar it`s very generic in term of features, active pups, wizard 2 neck, the only stand out feature is the mid-cut toggle.
Its exactly like the RGA32, except with a flamed top and a gimmicky EQ Mid cut switch. Both have bolt on necks and mahogany bodies.

Its a nice looking guitar, however, and I hear the pickups are decent for an Ibanez.

The extra 150 bucks is for the flamed top.

I considered buying it until I found a used RGT42 for less than a new RGA42.
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well found one at a new guitar shop a good 30 minute drive out from where i live. its the older RGA42, the jewel blue one. played it, really like the neck. pick ups were pretty nice since i was playing though a small Ibanez IMIX amp, not that great of an amp. and guess the price, $345 out the door!
I have one! It's the first guitar I have owned and I love it! Mind you, I don't have much to compare against

A friend of mine who has been playing for years and is really good said that it is a great guitar for the price, nice tone and good sustain. (he was comparing to his gibson LP flameburst? custom)

A nice quick neck, nice big frets, great sustain, stays in tune for aaaages, nice chuggy sound. No stuffing around with tone knobs.

A good buy I think!
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