I went to the music store yesterday looking to purchase a six string electric guitar in the price range of 300-400 maybe 500$ if it was worth it. I tried a mexican strat wasnt impressed, an Ibanez artcore hollow body which had good sound but the body and neck would take adjusting too, and then came accross the Ibanez ART100 and was very impressed with how comfortable the body and neck were, and the array of tones were great, I love clean, I like distorted and flirting with a dark dull sound and this guitar handled it all with nice inbetweens. I went on to try the previous two guitars again and then onther Ibanez s series something maybe then when I tried that ART100 after those the neck felt so perfect, im not sure what it is I think it was a tad fatter then im use to but I thought thinner necks were suppose to play easier, the ART100 also seemed to clean up my barre chords to squeaky clean too. And the price was 280, almost half as much as the strat, ESPs, or SGs there that seems to be in line with the ART100. So anyway I didnt buy anything yet, told the tech there I would be back today. so based off this experience Id appreciate any and all suggestions for other guitars to try out. Im looking online at the ART300 model, am I wrong to think the only difference between the 100 and 300 is the finish, and neck inlays? pickups and neck the same? Thanks
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I played a 300 after a 100, and to me it just felt better. To me it felt smoother, but I guess thats a kinda subjective thing that you'd have to try for yourself. They're great guitars.

The ART 300 has LoZ pups in it, while the 100 has ACH-1/2's, I guess they LoZ's would be better quality, but thats something you'd have to try yourself. Besides the finish/inlays/pups, everything else is pretty much the same. I'd definatley recommend you try the ART300

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the biggest difference is that the ART300 has active pickups rather than passive. If you like playing clean alot don't get actives (they have a greatly inferior clean tone. I'm not saying its bad, just that it isn't as good).

I just bought an S670pb which i mainly compared to that guitar - over double the price but i still greatly preferd it. I'd realy reconsider checking out some other S series guitars - excluding the pickups theyre amazing.