It looks a lot like this one: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-American-Vintage-Series--52-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar-102806551-i1146258.gc
Well, the one from GC is a reissue, but it has all the original specs, so yeah...
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I suspect
would do the job for you.
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I suspect your friend really digs the SOUND in that video, and the amp is playing a massive part in producing that sound - it doesn't sound inherently different to any tele neck pickup to me other but the way it's wired is bleeding off a lot of the top end. Like the guy in the vid says it simply sounds like the tone is rolled off so if you want to replicate it on most teles just roll the tone control down.
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^It's not just the wiring bleeding the top end, that is partly down to the design of the '52 tele pickups too.

Their are a 4 key features that make the old tele neck tone unique

Alnico 3 magnets that are 5mm diameter.
8000 turns of 43 awg PE magnet wire.
Chrome cover on the neck pickup (not nickel)
Pickup must be hand wound.

In the early days fender bought alnico 3 magnets that, if polished, would have been 0.187" in diameter but to save money fender didn't polish the magnets so the average diameter of the magnet was 5mm. Most companies that use A3 magnets will either have .187" diameter or .195" diameter. Both magnet sizes are too small but the .195" is close enough. The larger A3 magnet is important because that is what give the pickup it's round, warm, and clear tone. Using the wrong magnets will significantly change the pickups character.

It is very very important that you get 8,000 turns of PE wire. The less expensive pickups and even a few boutique makers use Poly wire on vintage style tele neck pickups but the poly wire doesn't sound as clear or alive as the PE.

The Chrome covers are what give the neck pickup the reduced treble. Most boutique winders, myself included, don't like the chrome covers and we opt to use nickel covers that are not vintage correct because it gives you the option of having a brighter tone when you need it and then rolling back the tone can give you the darker sound you would be getting if the cover was chrome. If you are sure you don't want the brighter sounds then I'm sure most boutique builders would be more than happy to use chrome covers on your pickups.

Finally, hand winding. Handwinding the pickups gives them a much more balanced sound than you get from machine wound pickups. The problem with most name brand pickups is that they don't offer hand wound pickups or if they do they charge an arm and a leg for it and at the end of the day, even if it is hand wound, it's still just a production pickup wound by somebody being paid by the hr and has nothing to loose if they don't do a good job.

So those are the things to look out for. I recommend my Inceptor pickup. Another good option would be BKP country boy.
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