Hello folks! I'm a metal guitar player, I mostly play Megadeth, Joe Satriani and heavy metal.
Now I have to decide about my next solid state amp:

Roland Cube 30x
VOX VT 30 Valvetronix

Witch one is better and will fit in my style?
The Roland would be better for those styles, don't be afraid to try a Peavey Vypyr either.
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Honestly, I never liked both. I had a Roland cube for a while and just didn't like the sound. I'd say the Vox though; not my favourite amp but has a better tone than the Roland IMO.
I've got a VOX AD15VT and with my MT-2, it is HEAVY, I mean like thunder. I love it and I play Sabbath to Metallica and many in between. My 2 cents. Peace.
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What's your current amp and what don't you like about it?
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I've got the VT 30, its pretty good. But I also bought a Metal Muff for it, to get that extra heavy sound. But maybe with the Peavy vyper, you dont have to get a pedal. Dunno about the Roland.
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How much do you have to spend? You could probably go better than a Cube or VT.
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1967 Fender Coronado Bass II
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I got the Roland Cube 30X. It has a couple of amp models for metal, and they sound good to me, but I'm not a metal-head so you might not like them. I wanted to get the Vypyr, but I didn't because of quality control issues.
Go for the cube man, i have the roland cube 30x, and it sounds fantastic, i also sometimes run my MT-2 through it, and surprisingly still sounds good.
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what's yout budget? can you go used? you can find a cube 60 or better moddeling amp if you go used...
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The budget doesn't matter too much for me.I just want an exactly 30W carriable and versatile amp, for practice and small club songs.
Some friend of mine gave me his micro cube for a couple of weeks and I think it sounds pretty good for its price. I heard that the VOX sounds more like oldschool rock(softer). So I don't think it's right for me. Guess the 30x cube will be a good choice. Thank you