My parents have asked me what I want for Christmas... (kind of early... lol)
I am thinking that a new guitar would be lovely.
I am currently using a Epi Les Paul Standard. I consider it better than the current Epi Les Pauls because mine was made like 10 years ago, and was partially made and fully inspected in the U.S.
My parents might not get me a new guitar, but might just give me cash to put towards it.

I play rhythm and sing for my church band, and I switch between rhythm and lead for an other band I'm in.
I live in Atlanta, GA so there are quite a lot of music stores/used guitars here.
My budget is around 500-800(USD).
I can/will go used if need be to have the guitar fit my budget.

I am fairly well informed about the usual Fenders and Gibsons, but I was thinking about maybe something a little less common, but still quality...
What can you people recommend? Just cause I say something uncommon doesn't mean I will shoot you if you reccomend a strat...

^^dang long post