I have a friend who has the following problem
He moves frequently, about 4-5 times a year between 3 cities.
So a huge amp is not an option, he cannot lug it around.
He wants something that can give killer tone on HEADPHONES.
He's lookinng at the following

Line6 POD XT/X3 live


Vox Tonelab LE

Vox Tonelab ST

Live foot control is necessary, so is the ability to go DI during gigs, Also a USB out for recording.

Main genres: Extreme metal and Blues.

Any inputs?

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Personally, I'd say the POD Live series. Amp and effects models, same stuff as they use for the better modeler amps they put out (read NOT the Spider series, but Vetta and Flextone), etc.

Personally, for home use, I've had a GuitarPort for years (sorta wish I had gotten a TonePort, but cie la vie), and it does me quite well. I can grab my guitar, the GP, my laptop with cans, and go wherever I want.


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I have a Line 6 TonePort myself, the basic red one, not the big fancy one and it sounds really good. I would say go the Line 6 route.
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They're okay, Line 6's stuff is simply better.

And I think the X3 is newer, mainly.


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I'll sell him my PODxt, if he wants to save some cash.

I think the PODxt is excellent. It's a great recording tool, also.
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Yeah, as dark said.

Although the X3 you've got great amp models and more of them, and pretty much a Vetta at your feet.

Mind you the GT10 is just as good. I'd go Line 6 coz I used to have an XT and thought it was excellent and am used to it.

X3 Live I say.

EDIT: The GT10 is just as good in that the models sound just as high quality / realistic
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