All Positions Open

The Band Will Have An Adgressive But Melodic Thrashin Sound

Members Must Have At Least 2 Years On There Instrument

Please Be Between The Ages Of 16-20

Help Me Bring Back Metal From The Grave
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i play bass and guitar but i live in central PA
i do shred metal , metal and hard rock ,and instrumental
and techno stuff and weird stuff you prolly never heard of just send me a UG message if you need me
Where in Bergen Country? I live in Bergen County and my friend and I are complete thrashers. We're a bassist and guitarist. Ages 16 and 17.

My friend the bassist is easily as good as Cliff Burton, and is INCREDIBLE. He used to be the bassist of Gorgoth the Destroyer:


(Forgive me for the advertisement)

I can't really promote myself, except that we jam together all the time and it's almost all thrash. I love Megadeth, Metallica and lots of thrash. Marty Friedman, Dave Mustaine,

Both of us are practically diehard Megadeth fans. We are both Metallica fans, but only their first three albums really (MOP is our favorite album).

What position do you play?
My Gear:
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