Im in a band and it was originally just me and a singer friend of mine. Later another one of my friends asked if he could join, thing is he also plays guitar. Slowly the pieces started filling in we now have a drummer bassist singer and two guitarists and my question is can this work? is it too hard having two guitarists? Me and him have been friends forever and im friends with everyone else but he only knows me. He is a little better but i am worried that Ill be edged out of the band. Should i also mention that his dad has a recording studio in his basement making him very important.
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Well.. Just look at the amount of big bands there is that use two guitarists. It opens up a wider range of possibilities, but to be fair, you just need to find out what works best for you
judas priest 'nuff said.

we don't know your friend, or his personality. Is he down to earth, an ego-maniac, ...?
just as powerslave said "It opens up a wider range of possibilities."
if you dont plan to harmonize,i dont see a reason to have another guitarist.
two guys playing the exact same thing is maybe louder and more powerful than one guy,
but its pretty pointless if you wont take advantage of the fact there are 2 guitars.
I myself really preffer two guitarists to one guitarist, what kind of music do you play?
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well we obviously are planning on harmonizing and my friend is pretty down to earth but has some ego but i dont think he would actually kick me out cuz for the most part im his only connection with the rest of the band and that weve been friends for a while thanks guys i think that puts my worries to rest!
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I say that having two guitarists is a great idea, You can harmonize leads, solo's wont sound empty, can have guitar duels, etc :3
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One guitar plays chords while the other takes the lead bits and epic solos. How else? Two guitars is essential. Like Zinnie said... how are you going to solo over nothing? yeah sure the bass can take up the slack but its awesome to have two guitarist.

Chill, relax grab your guitars and jam!
If it were me I would put who's "better" and who's "more valuable" out of your mind and just concentrate on the music, have fun and work with everyone to become a more rounded and accomplished musician.

If you can grab some time for just you and your other guitarist friend to just jam for an hour or so a week you will soon start to find you really improve.
Yeah I would keep him in. As long as he isn't causing problems or is going to make your band implode he doesn't seem like a bad thing. Just utilize the two guitar thing. I mean you could go one guitar thing. Everybody knows Dimebag was the only guitarist for Pantera but on recordings he went ahead and multitracked so there would be multiple guitar parts because he realized the pros of having multiple guitars. Same with Jimmy page. I can't remember if used those back tracks in live performances or not.
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Originally Posted By iron_maiden93

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I say go for it. Do some Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, and Priest covers to get started...maybe some Beatles stuff too just to see how you guys play out and sound together. There's a ton of stuff you can do with two guitarists.
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I'm sure you'll be fine, after all, you said that you're friends with the whole band. They won't kick you out, unless you totally sucked and were really difficult to work with, but it will work out just fine.
if you are already worrying about all these things, maybe you shouldn't have another guitar player. Honestly, you come across as having a bit of an ego yourself. Why not just try and make some music instead of worrying about who's better and getting "edged out".

personally, i think you only need one guitar in a band. It's possible to have two, as evident by the number of famous bands that do have two, but they have to work very well together.
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