Hey all - this is probably gonna seem like an absolutely dumb question to you all, but at the risk of embarrassing myself i shall ask it anyway.

I have a Peavey ValveKing 212 which i am just starting to take out gigging. Now one minor thing is driving me absolutely nuts. I cannot find an amp stand that this thing will happily sit on.

The wood at the bottom is so narrow that any amp stand i try - the top section of the stand which is supposed to support the amp ends up just going into the gaping hole that is the back of the amp. Does that make sense?

Anyway i am considering putting an extra slab of wood into the back of the combo, screwing it in and painting it so it looks about right so that i can actually put this onan amp stand?

My question is - is this a bad plan, will it adversely affect the amp or its sound?

Also if anyone in the UK has one of these and can recommend a stand for them i would appreciate it - either way i just need to solve the problem.

I have attached a photo of the back of a 212 so you can see what i mean
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I feel your pain, amp stands just don't play nice with 2x12 combos, I guess.

Same thing happens on my twin, but instead of monkeying with the amp, I used U-bolts through a board slightly wider than the amp, then attached that to the stand, so the sides of the amp bore the weight leaning back.
It may affect your warranty, but other than that, it should be okay.

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There are plenty of VK'rs that actually suggest putting a panel in the back to help with bass response and such especially if you are playing metal etc.

(Hit up the Valveking Thread as I forget who did that)

You could also take that panel that is there now and slide it up so it is in line with the position of the amp stand.

You could also just use a wooden table or box

You could also completely cover the back for better response but leave some breathing holes for your power tubes.

This is another project of mine that went unfinished.

Many thanks guys - it is a relief to know it isnt going to affect the tone adversely. I will put a board behind it and m ake sure i leave some breathing room for the tubes. Hopefully that will do the job.

Appreciate the heads up