As the title states, I am wondering what the difference is between series and parallel effects loops. Does it affect what pedals I should use in the effects loops? Thanks!
Series is straight to the pedals, then to the power amp.
Parallel keeps a straight signal path to the power amp and combines it with the loop signal.

Series signal path:

Preamp -> Loop -> Power amp

Parallel signal path:

Preamp -> splits into two, one goes straight to power, the other goes into FX then power.

Not all have controls for contolling the level of the signals through the loop, but in this example, theres a return control on each:
no, it 's just how it's wired-paralell is better because it can be switched in and out-I guess
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Both can be switched in and out, but parallel allows you to keep some of the "dry" signal, it's good for reverbs, delays, other ambient effects, or for effects that suck a fair amount of tone. You can (usually) dial in as much or as little of the effect as you like.

Some things, like OD or fuzz (or compressors) which normally sound best in front of the amp, can do some interesting things when put in a parallel loop, kind of like the Sparkle Drive, or Tone Press.
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no, it 's just how it's wired-paralell is better because it can be switched in and out-I guess

nah, rutch is right.
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