I plugged my epi les paul into my palomino V32 expecting to make beautiful music. It did not do such a thing. It made the most awful noise and when i went to kill the volume, the knob never caught at 0 and proceeded to continue turning. My amp is trashed. Its just over a year old, and the cost to fix it would probably be just as expensive as getting a new amp. So I'm wondering about getting a new amp.

I haven't paid attention to the latest guitar trends lately, so a few new series aren't familiar to me, the Peavey VYPYR being an example. I'd like a tube amp or at least a hybrid with a tube power section. I have my epi les paul and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a telecaster at some point.

I play all four corners of rock pretty much. Rush, CCR, Pink Floyd, RATM, Soundgarden, AIC, etc. Its a wide variety. I have a Metal Muff but at times I think its a litttle excessive when I put it in front of a tube amp, so it would be nice to have an amp that could get pretty gritty on its own.

Long read I know, but thanks.
That's actually not a hard fix. It sounds like you just busted the pot. It shouldn't be a lot to fix.

But, if you're set on getting a new amp, The Peavey ValveKing is a good small one.
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take it back to the shop you bought it from. tell them that you do not consider just over a year to be an acceptable amount of time for a product to work, and that you expect them to repair it or replace it.
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Good call on the ditching it then. Reverb Tanks are a pain in the ass to replace.
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check craigslist for a cheap Mesa tube combo =D
or, just check craigslist for something that fits your sound.

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First, I'd like to mention that that is the most delightful username I have read in quite a while.

Second, we'd need to know what country you live in, how much you'd spend max and if a used amp is an option for you.

Also, getting your amp checked by a tech might be worth a try, checking itself doesn't cost much and you have a chance the problem can be fixed for cheap. The V32 is a nice amp from what I hear, so it'd be sad to just let it die like that.
1) Its good you say so, your life has been spared.

2) I love around Columbus, OH. Theres a samash, GC, and a music go round. I'd say around 500, and I would buy used, but from somewhere reputable.

3) That does sound smart doesn't it?
Well, buying used is always a risk. I've bought three amps on ebay so far and all were fine - however, if you're really scared you might just stick with used stuff you can actually try and inspect before buying, hence craigslist is a good place to look. Here's some stuff I found close to you that might be worth a try:

A V33 - Also a tube Crate, cheap, nice tone and loud:

Fender Super Champ XD, digital preamp, valve power amp, excellent practice amp, mabe not so good if you like playing heavy stuff from time to time. Also, it's a bit pricey for a used one (new ones cost 300$), maybe you can talk the guy down to 200$:

This Sovtek is basically a Marshall copy, great rock amp. It's got no speakers though, but I guess you can use your Crate as a cab:

Here a list of Peavey Classic amps - they're nice for everything rock (not as nice as the Sovtek maybe, but nice nonetheless):

Also see if you can find a Traynor YCV series amp, there's different models with different power sections, but all are great versatile rock amps, most will be available for well under 500 bucks used.
thanks a lot man, nobody has done that much legwork for me ever haha. You reminded me of a few amps that I had considered like 2 years ago but forgot about. Like the Traynor or the Classic 30.
3) That does sound smart doesn't it?

Sent you a message on your profile page, let me know.
Let me buy that V32, though I have a feeling that's what Rutch wanted...
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Shame that such a nice amp crapped out on you.

The V33 will get you very close to what you had. Also I hear there are mods galore for that amp (also the V18) if you're into that kind of stuff.

EDIT: Your avatar made me lol.
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First, I'd like to mention that that is the most delightful username I have read in quite a while.

+1, but is that even sean connery in your avatar?
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