I hope you all like it I haven't written anything in awhile.

Walking through the park just the other day

Strolling through the grass where the kids all play

I want to see your pretty smile

I want to see you pretty face

I love you

Walking by your side just the other day

Your smile to me gives it all away

You look at me I look at you

You look at me I have no clue

I love you

I want to be with you till the end

Please stay with me through thick and thin

We wont go our separate ways

We've got to much at stake

I love you

The kids are in bed lets go have some fun

You look at me say I'm the only one

We are so happy and free

I'm so glad you are with me

I love you
Pretty sweet stuff, nothing terribly original but it's pretty

I imagine a little bit of upbeat reggae-ish stuff to the song.
Anyone special in mind when you wrote it?
The playground of the world