ok ive never done this before and im not even sure if you can do this so hopefully you fellows on here can help me out.

i want to know how to change the 5 way switch on a 3 pickup tele it is originally wired like a standard strat.

i want to change the middle position to use bridge and neck pickup together without the middle pickup, instead of middle pickup solo.

ive allways thought of a middle pickup as a good helping pickup but never been fond of them by themselves and would much rather have bridge and neck together like a standard tele. so esentially what i would have is the sound and options of a standard tele with the midle pickup on standby incase i choose to use it.

as much diagraming and picktures would be apretiated, also does this require soldering?

also i heard there is a way to wire it so that i can have middle only or bridge plus neck via a 2nd switch if anyone has any details or just wants to discuss thier custom switching techniques, discuss here
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It will require soldering. Check out the wiring thread in the Central Hub sticky to learn all you need to know. I literally explain how the stuff works in the first few posts.