I'm trying to do some ICT coursework for college, and I've created a document in Publisher, and I want to analyse it now. Trouble is, I'm on a mac and can't open publisher files

So, I ask one kind member of UG to open this, take a screenshot of each page (only two) and post them here so I can do my analysis.

I'll give you anything you want in return...


download open office
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there you go.But i surely hope this is all, cause when i opened it it said i didn't have the so called "trajan" font, and i hope there wasnt more information written in that font
That's brilliant, thanks. The Trajan Pro font was just the wordart title.

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Eh, I'm doing maths, further maths and law too

I didn't notice that. I think MATRIX is actually an acronym in this case, though. We can pretend it isn't, I guess

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I think it gets easier as you go along, i almost dropped it after my first few weeks

but ended up getting A's