hey guys why isnt my vox ad100vt xl not loud? il turn the master volume up on full and the other volume control on full but its still only at talking level loudness :/ and YES the power level at the back of the amp is full as well . i dont know why this isnt going loud :/ any suggestions?

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Not meaning to sound like a dick, but make sure the volume knob on your guitar is up. I accidentally do this occasionally.

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fault just developed :/

Sorry ShizzNizz.

Unfortunately with solid state amps this is very difficult thing to diagnose and repair. My hope is that it is something stupid like your guitar volume or cable went crap on you.

If it is a problem with the solid state power section then it may not be worth fixing but you could ask. Don't spend a ton of money on diagnostics. How much did you pay for amp and did you buy it new or used? New - use your warranty obviously.

It 'could' be a faulty pot (potentiometer behind the volume control) that is dirty or stuck. You'd have to read up on that to try to fix yourself but that is probably the next thing I'd check after everything else.

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Send it back in.

Of course loud is subjective, I think you are just used to tube amps, the VT doesn't use a tube power amp, and most solidstate amps less then 120 watts are only about as loud as 10 watt tube amps.