Hi, I've been wanting to get a decent les paul copy for a while, and I'm just wondering if any of you know anything about Nevada guitars.

I've typed it in the search bar, and it's come up with a few people's views on these Nevada LP copies. Everyone seems to think they're great, but I don't know whether I can trust these guys, so I've brought it to UG.

This is one on ebay, I'm thinking of snapping it up for that price. Anyway, what do you guys think to this?


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Never heard of Nevada. I couldn't find any reviews on Harmony Central, seems like it might be a gamble if you've never had a chance to play one before.
i have never heard of them either.

But if you want LP copy i recommend the ESP/LTD Eclipses.
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Oh I've heard of them. My mate has one. Seriously, go look somewhere else, they aren't that good at all. I mean, you turn the volume pot for the bridge, and then the tone pot for it turns as well. I was wtf'd.

Go have a look at Vintage V100s, they're cheaper than an Epiphone Les Paul, but still as good.
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