I keep going to learn songs.. Start on them.. spend about 15 minutes maybe an hour max learning it.. and then get bored and want to do a different song, without even getting close to doing the former song i wanted to learn..

why can't i stick to songsss?
... it blowsss.. seriously, and is honestlyy really aggrevating.
Same with me brah, without the aggrivation. Time spent QQ'ing is time that could be spent learning the songs. Just take it in bite-size bits or something and keep going back to it.
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Happens to me, too. I know countless intros, but only a few full songs. Tis a curse...
That happens to me with nearly anything I'm trying to learn, and I'm sure it happens to everyone else. I'm currently learning Satch Boogie as well as fluently knowing all the notes on the fretboard off by heart. I just keep alternating between the two whenever I get bored with one, or I'll just take a break and come on here or do something else.

If you just pace yourself, and just concentrate on bits at a time, you'll learn the whole song eventually. Just listen to the song you want to learn a few times and think, "Gee, that sounds awesome! I wish I could play that." and then proceed to learn the next segment of that song. If you can't do this then you must not be interested in the song enough to learn it anyways, so you should move on to the next song.
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"Halp" Is a very uninformative topic title...

And it takes dedication to learn a song so just sit down and learn it.
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I just try to learn 5 or so songs at one time.
When I get bored with one song I switch to another song and so on .
And you only play the same song for 15 minutes in a row .If you do that for a week you know 5 new songs. It works great for me.
make a band with some friends and do some covers so youre forced to learn the song
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make a band with some friends and do some covers so youre forced to learn the song

this is definitely a good idea. as long as you don't get stuck in the band i was in. they only wanted to do new greenday covers kidding. if thats the music you like then go for it. of course those songs all took about 15 minutes to learn anyway...

what i do is pick my favorite songs. forget how difficult or cool the guitar parts are; if it doesn't keep your attention then you're wasting your time learning it! take the song you like most and try your best to learn that. if its too hard then pick your next favorite song. but make sure it's something you love listening to.
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