can someone tell me about the rhythm tone , i can never get a good sound out of it

what LP do you have, specifically? Also, what amp are you using, and are you going for a clean or distorted tone?
are you using stock pickup ? This is one of the main reason I changed mine. I couldn't never get a good tone on the Alnico classic neck pickup.
its a les paul standard , and im using a vox valvetronix 15 . The clean sound im fine with but the distorted tone i hate

btw im using the original pickups
The pickups aren't great, so swapping them out will make a big difference. What settings are you using on your amp? It could be as simple as fixing that.

Yeah, my custom has a pretty bad distorted rhythm tone on the neck pup. I'll be swapping it out for a Seymour Duncan SH-2 in a few weeks, the stock pup is way too muddy.
A pickup swap will definitely do the trick tonally. I simply modified my Les Paul by installing the pickups from a Gibson Studio and it made a world of difference. Now I wish I had installed something a bit more high gain oriented, but I'm still happy with the pickups that I have.

On another note (and don't take this as criticism), its always a good idea to examine your picking and muting techniques when trying to conjure a better rhythm sound. I've found that modifying and working on proper technique has helped me more than gear swaps, and so I think its always a good idea to continually work on proper technique. Just food for thought. :]
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