I have a Laney GH100L and it's one channel amp. I want to find a way that i could switch from clean to crunch and from crunch to distortion the fast way. For distortion there is a footswitch jack, but from clean to crunch is a problem. So is there a way to boost my tube amp's drive from clean to crunch sound the same way as you boost it with the first gain knob? Maybe there are some pedals or something, that doesn't affect amp's natural tone much And one more thing, is there a way to boost clean sound volume, but keep it still clean with a pedal or something?
You could just use an overdrive to boost the clean channel as well, put the gain down all the way and just use the level knob to boost the volume
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Er, yes.

Surely if you've been playing guitar long enough to own a 100W valve head, you'll have heard of a little thing called an 'overdrive pedal'? Ringing any bells...?

Or, set it up for crunch and use your guitar's volume control to clean up the amp.
Players have been doing this for decades, an important skill if you use a single-channel amp.
Thanks for replies. And do you think that i should buy some better electronics (talking about knob potentiometers) to achieve better clean sound? Or is the clean sound made with volume knob (from crunch) same as clean sound with less gain and volume on 10?
does it clean up enough for you with your guitar's volume knob? if so you could get a volume pedal, or a booster/buffer which goes below unity gain. if not, it's going to be a bit more complicated.
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