I bought some tool steel yesterday I got way more than I need.... I bought it to make some slotting guides, not really guitar related but it will be useful next time I do a fretboard.

I need to do some test pieces anyway to get hardness and tempering right. I have 14" left to do anything with.

It was 18" x 2" wide and 3mm thick, for £8 plus postage :O

I done a quick test already, to make a 3mm wide chisel blade.

I did not temper it, which is why I have two short ones instead of a single peice :O but they are now tempered at 200c.
They were extremely sharp just from angle grinding, made me realise just how blunt my other chisels are. Im going to cut another bit and use an offcut of wenge for the handle.

So, ideas?
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