Firstly im sorry if this is in the wrong section im just getting to a sad point now where i feel i'll never be able to progress with the guitar after a bad stroke 8 years ago. Are there any of you out there that have switched over to drums or any drummers out there because right now it seems like are more logical step in my musical career.

Cheers guys
Just a drummer who switched to guitar.
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I haven't 'switched' to drums. But I do own a drum kit and play it regularly. It's great! Helps you come up with different rhythms and such.
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I went from guitar to drums - not for medical reasons, I just enjoyed them more. I've been playing now for nearly 4 and a half years.

Have a look at www.drummerworld.com in their forums, pretty much the same as here but for drums. Some VERY knowledgeable people very there.
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dont strokes usually affect half your body? wouldnt that make drumming just as hard or rigorous as playing a guitar?
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Im primarily a guitarist but i play my dad's old Rogers as well and i must say it's great. I find drumming to be really fun and Doodleface stated, it helps a lot. Go get a drum set!
i play drums pretty regularly and its great fun, especially if you've got a natural sense of rhythm. I remeber thinking it started out pretty hard to get past the first simple 4/4 beat but as soon as you start hitting the bass drum on different beats everything just clicks and it is so fun. It actually helps a lot with guitar, i had only ever written in 4/4 before drums but now i go out of my way to think of other timings and have fun with it
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I dont just specifically play drums. I own a kit, and i agree, they are a great tool for rhythm and its fun when all of your guitar buddies come over because you can throw down some beats for them to jam to.
The great thing about knowing drums and guitar is that you now have more possibilities in making your own music rather than having a drummer do the stuff for you.

Obviously it will take time to get better, but it's still good nonetheless.
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dont strokes usually affect half your body? wouldnt that make drumming just as hard or rigorous as playing a guitar?

There are different severities and some people recover better than others. It also depends on which area(s) of the brain it affects.

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