I'm looking for a distortion pedal to get a weezer/nirvana sound, as well as tighten up the lead channel on my HT-5, because it gets kinda loose sometimes when I play Tool songs. I'd like to keep it below $100, and used isn't a problem.

I've looked at the Boss DS-1 and the TS-9, but I'm wonderng if there is anything else I should look at.
You'll need two different pedals for distortion and tightening up your dirt channel btw

Edit: Cobain used a modded DS-1 not a stock one (I think)
Look at the Barber Dirty Bomb, it's a pretty good pedal for the price
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The Proco Rat is pretty versatile, I can get quite a nice Nirvana tone out of it and I imagine it could do Weezer.
wouldnt a compressor help?
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^ yes and no. compressor will tighten your sound up some, but it isnt providing the distortion he seems to want.

for that, i would say pick up the ds-2 that can do the nirvana sound, then grab a bad monkey for smoothing out leads. not sure why the amp isnt doing weezer on its own, but at least one of those pedals will help you get there (depending on how you use them). for $100 thats what i would consider as one of the best ways to fit both your criteria.
ProCo Rat (and Turbo Rat, which I have) are really, REALLY good. I can't guarantee a 100% Nirvana/Weezer sound, but you'll definitely get a rich distortion sound akin to those bands with a Rat.
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You could get an overdrive and a distortion pedal. You can use the overdrive as a boost and distortion for tone. I'd just get a bad monkey and a Ds1/Ds2. I also recommend an Eq pedal aswell like the Danelectro fish&Chips.

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The DS-1 is as classy as they all say. The DS-2 is a bit more versatile, I've played both, but I liked the simplicity of the DS-1 better.
Tone = 11 o'clock, dist=max and that's supposedly Cobain's 'Nevermind' tone...
The DS-2 has a funny lead mode thingy on it too, and both Gavin Rossdale and Nigel Pulsford of Bush used one to get their distinct tone...
I've heard only good stuff about the ProCo Rat, and additionally Mudhoney used EH Big Muffs...
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