Hey all!

I'm a final year student doing AI and Computer Science, and a huge fan of ultimate-guitar.com. For my final year project, I'm doing a music suggestion program, a bit like last.fm but with a few modifications.
To get an idea of what people like about their music, I've made a short questionnaire, and I need as many people as possible to take it. If any of you have a spare 10 minutes and would like to help me out, that'd be awesome!
The questionnaire can be found here: Music Taste Survey

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes it!
sounds like you were trying to push products like GIL
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
Heh, sorry about that - unfortunately there aren't really many interesting ways to ask annoying questions

Thanks so much for taking it though!
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sounds like you were trying to push products like GIL

Not so much, its just that they've found a great way of getting people to do their work for them withought them having to pay a penny, so I thought I might try and modify the idea to work for me

done..there were some pointless questions. the doors will be opened, the mirrors are transforming the picture
Thanks guys - all the questions on there are useful for what I need! Sorry if you thought they weren't!
I signed up to the mailing list. Can't wait to see how this thing turns out. The questions all made sense to me, nothing annoying in my opinion.
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Sorry, but that was one of the most annoying questionnaires I have ever taken...I did finish it though, but only because you asked so nicely

'Music is the best"