hey guys, i just completed writing this song, untitled yet. its kind of done except for the improvement on drums, and maybe changes in the solo. do crit this song, thanks, and its C4C.
M3 (Thrash Metal).gp5
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Very well put together. The drums sound good, guitar work is interesting. I like the bass work too. Not really digging the solo though. 7/10
First of all thanks for the awesome crit..

Well the drums rocks, your snare work is killer. I like how it doesn't just follow simple patterns..its real up beat and full of life. Very nice. The cymbals could be a bit boring at times. The intro doesn't really do anything for me guitar wise, it would sound good with vocals though. OK the bass fill at bar 40 kicks ASS and fits perfectly with the next part. I like the guitar harmony it's very minor...always a good thing. The run down at bar 56 is good but a little over used, maybe try changing it up a bit. 59 to 66 is cool. the solo's weak....you have some good ideas but the notes sound off and the timing is bad. Outro is very simple but i like the chugging open chords. Drums definitely are my favorite part. 7.5/10
a little too repetitive for my tastes but who knows vocals would probly change that...opening riff is probly the only thing i'd try reworking, otherwise great 8/10
It was okay. But the whole song seems to follow the beginning theme too much. For the first 40 measures or so, its based off the intro pretty much. However the part that starts near m43 was really good. And the ending to that section around bars 55 or so, was really good. The solo was okay. Nothing special.

Overall, if you added more variations and some ups and downs, it'd be better.
I usually like thrash metal to be more speedy, but this was actually good and original! I thought the drum work was unique so that's a big plus. I'd have to agree about how the song follows the beginning theme too much, but then again I don't really listen to a whole lot of classic thrash (maybe that's the way it's supposed to be?).

Overall, it sort of reminded me of the music from Doom. I'm not sure if you're planning to add vocals but maybe just add a little more variation in places and it will be really solid

This song had a lot of potential but there are a 2 major flaws:
1. The intro drags on too long and it gets boring pretty fast. after the first 8 bars you could easily just change the rhythm or put another chord in it to make it more exciting.
2. Original drums are good, but in this case it made no sense. Especially the second riffs lost it's heavyness because of the drums, I tabbed out what I had in mind.

The riffs themselves are cool, I especially liked the last one.
Imho you have 3 choices concerning the rhythm of a part:
1. Guitar part is complex, drums simple
2. Vice versa
3. both playing the same pattern

In this song both, the guitar and the drums have a rhythm which doesn't seem to fit to each other. Your drum track is also missing some fill ins

Other things I liked was you bassline, that little bass lick in the middle of the song was great.

All in all a decent song with some flaws. Work on this song a bit and will be 8/10

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M3 (Thrash Metal).gp5
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thanks for the crit guys. very helpful, especially when writing a new song of a similar genre.
@thorbor, maybe you should have given the edited solo a try but my bad for putting it in a lower post. the drumming you put in did definitely sound more appropriate to the rhythm. thanks.