I have been playing guitar for 38+ years, most of it being the 6 string variety. But during the middle 10 years I also played bass, which was subsequently sold along with my bass amp many moons ago. Still play my 6 & 12 strings though.

Well, last night I picked up what appears to be a 2008 Dean EABC (serial #Y08...).Its nearly mint, no dings or dents. I know this isn't a top of the line bass, but for what I need its fine.

It was listed on CL for $50 and supposedly had a fret buzz. I did the research and read that its a decent bass for its original cost. It read that it most likely will have buzzing issues and plugged in its so-so at best. But unplugged its quite capable.

I never played an acoustic bass before (only electrics, a 70's Kay SG style bass, and a Fender P-bass) and with acoustics normally being harder to play, I expected much worse. But for not having played a bass in a decade, it wasn't bad at all. The fit and finish were good. The frets had some sharp edges, but nothing too concerning (I'll get them fixed later). I was surprised how loud and clear it was unplugged. Good tone, not too hard to play. Plugged in, it was disappointing, although all the strings were of equal low volume. I guess thats what you get for it just having a passive pickup and no preamp.

All in all a decent find for $50. It should be fun.

Sorry for the poor quality pics.
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Nice find, I hope it brings many years of happy bassing to come.
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Looks nice. I'm actually going to try some acoustic basses later today
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