what i'm looking for is improving technique, and applying and interpreting theory to create styles of music.
Just practice.

I'm gonna try saving you time. I used to look for lessons and all that everywhere.
Now I realize that all you need to do is practice.

Browse UG for the basics or some techniquie and practice the idea of it.
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I'd take lessons for a month or so to get someone to evaluate your skill and tell you where you need to go. Your instructor will also get you started on some good practice routines. After that I'd buy a few lesson books. Anything by Hal Leonard I love, especially the MI press series. The Stetina series books by Troy Stetina are awesome too.
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i find /www.guitarmasterclass.net abundent with all styles and levels of lessons...some of the teachers are top notch .. it is subscription based but low cost...worth it for me

play well

Seriously... this has got to be the most comprehensive site on the net for guitar stuff. Poke around a bit. There is SOOO much here for all styles and all levels.

It is the Ultimate Guitar site... yes, it is!

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