Ok, i dont know if this has been asked before, or even if this has been thought of before, but if it has, even better! Long story short, ive learnt supermassive black hole with my band and were performing it in around 2 weeks, and im expected to play a solo for it. Now come the request, the solo from the official music vid and the alternative live one arent exactly helpful as one uses multiple effects, which i dont have, and the other uses a khaospad, which i also dont have...

So can (or has) anybody write a solo for a grade 4-5 guitarist that can play some advanced stuff, but never played a solo much harder than seven nation army. Id appriciate it to be as simple yet effective as possible, as i am a rhythm guitarist.

Other things:

I will be using a Heavy Metal distortion pad as it helps with picking up hammer ons and pulls.

I may have made myself sound a bit shocking up there ^^ so just to let know i can play hammer ons, pull offs, bends, slides etc.

Power tab or guitar pro also help emmensly with timing etc.

Needs to be for Supermassive Black Hole by Muse!

Thanks a lot
Just play it without effects?
I mean, no one can write for Muse. Or any other Band.
-Sorry, I know I'm not really helping.
I don't know the tabs, but I saw a live video of him playing and he seems to be able to change the guitar sounds he makes with some sort of pad on his guitar. Kind of like an eq pedal, and gives his sound like a weird envelope filter type sound. I don't know this for sure, but it sounds and looks like he does. At least the first part of the solo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tugqHunwDA thats the vid I watched
He's no good to me dead-Boba Fett
Oh sorry I missed reading part of your paragraph. If you just futz around with your metal distortion, you could make a similar sound.
He's no good to me dead-Boba Fett