--here's a late 80's (pcb board says 1988) proco r2du dual rat rack mount unit, minor typical rack rash (only on the removable rack mounts), pedal is obviously a lil more used. power supply and 20ft midi cable are included. these things only come around so often, and not many were made. 180$ shipped

--also a rane 30 band me30 rackmount graphic eq. this is the one with 1/4 inch jacks and NOT XLR's. you can dial in so many sounds with this thing and kill feedback w/out a sweat. rane is synonymous high quality, and this eq is just that. 70$ shipped

--the rack case the 2 above items are in is for sale as well. made by rok sak, its heavy duty for a canvas style case. its reinforced w/wood and is super duper strong. 20$+shipping

--dimarzio super 3 f-spaced black humbucker. might as well be new, no pick marks or anything. the one in the case. 60$ shipped

--a bridge humbucker from an ltd mv-100. was a tune-o-matic guitar but a f-spaced dimarzio lined up perfectly so i dont know if this is f spaced or not. lots of lead, good condition. funny lines in pic are from flash. 25$ shipped

--also have a warwick 3 guitar stand, its not assembled but all parts are included. built super tough, its warwick need i say more? 30$ shipped

--a set of black straplocks. these are the standard style straplocks that everyone knows. pic coming, i need to find one of the screws. i have it, its just in a bag with a bunch of others and need to compare to the one i know fits to locate it. 15$ shipped.


my evilbay id is krylon419 w/140+ pos fdbk's, and done a couple deals here. if you need more ref's just ask.

if you have any other questions please just ask.

the only stuff i'm really looking for in trade is:

--small cabinet w/speaker like a 10in or 12in would be fine
--8ohm 150watt attenuator
--set of tubes for my mesa triple rectifier
--boss gt-10 or maybe a gt-8

thank you for shopping