An Agile 2500 les paul copy. It has a floyd rose and looks really nice with white/gold hardware. Has anyone ever played one of these? How close would it be to an epiphone les paul?

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Probably better than a standard les paul or at least on par. As long as everything is set up right, it will be great.
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Agile's been getting consistently good reviews for years; they seem to be pretty good value for money.

I'd be a little weary of the trem, though. On guitars in that price range they tend to be quite cheap and therefore they're prone to wear out a lot quicker than a quality trem.

Of course you can always block it should it start causing tuning issues, but still, it's not ideal.

As for how they compare to Epiphone, seeing as I've never tried an Agile I can't give you a proper answer. What I do know is that going for an Epiphone will at least allow you to try the guitar before you buy it.
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