I really need to use my toneport ux2 in like ten hours, and yes I know I should have testet it before deciding I was going to use it to record a song, but nothing to be done now.

I've used it many times before, but that was a long time ago. What usually happens when I plug the usb-cable to my mac, is it turns on (the level screens turn yellow). Now, only tiny red lights flash on-stop, and my mac won't recognize it.

I seem to remember having this problem once before, and then I think I used a program I have called Line 6 monkey or something to find an update. iaw my software might be old (sorry if that didn't make sense, I'm not sure what it's called to be honest).

I realize I can just go to the line 6 website, and I can experiment further with the line 6 monkey program, and of course I will. But after trying it quickly without sucsess, I thought I might post my problem here as well, that can't hurt.

Hopefully someone here recognizes my problem, and are able to help. Thanks in advance!!!!
open up line 6 monkey and make sure the software and drivers are up to date
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Now my Line 6 monkey app will recognize my toneport ux1, but when I plug the ux2 to my mac, monkey still tells me it isn't connected - meaning I won't be able to update anything
Unplug it and plug it into a different USB

OR Unistall all the drivers then reinstall the whole lot