Hey Guys,

Been playing for a while now (2yrs) but I still have a bit of problem with my pinkie & third sticking together, didn't have a big problem with this until I've started to really pick up the speed of my lead play.
I do some stretching & strength building exercises nearly everytime I pick up the guitar, I just wanted to know if anyone had some exercises or techniques to help me with this, links to youtube vids would be cool or tabbed out exercises.
Okay, so you know the basic spider exercise:

Well, now instead of 1 2 3 4, do every other permutation: 2341, 3412, 4123, 1324, 1423, 1342, 1432 etc. Practise this at eighth notes to a click, starting at 60bpm.

Also, starting slow, use the spider riff from Master of Puppets as an exercise:
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sorry had to. anyway. try this: fret the 12 11 10 an 9 frets on whatever string, low E is best, with al four fingers, then move your index finger down to the eight and hold that for like three seconds. then move your middle down to the nine so it looks like this 8 9 11 12. moving all uour fingers down one fret untill you get to you pinky (8 9 10 12). when you move the pinky down one fret do the same with your undex finger. (7 9 10 11) do this all the way down the neck
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Trill between the 7 and 9 fret with your ring finger and pinky.
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Trill between the 7 and 9 fret with your ring finger and pinky.

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Here's another thing you can do. Make sure you've stretched first, and you're warmed up.

Place your index and ring finger on the 12th and 14th frets of the high E string. Do not play anything with these fingers, just leave them parked there. Now play 13-15-13-15 etc, on the B string with your middle and pinky. Once this starts getting easier, you can move the playing fingers down to the G string.

Of course, also do the other permutation, where the middle and pinky would stay parked on the 13th and 15th frets of the high E string, while you play 12-14-etc, with your index and ring on the B string.

Hope this helps.
This one is quite good:

1st finger on 1st fret middle finger on the 2nd, 3rd finger on the 3rd pinky on 4th fret

trill 4 times each of:
1st and 4th 1---4---1.. . . .
2nd and 4th 2---4---2. . . .
3rd and 4th 3---4---3. . . .
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Cheers guys, some good variations for me to practice on, much appreciated.
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