well hello there ug people how is it going

well i have a good idea of what to play while busking so dont worry

so here is my problem i am going to start busking in a outdoor mall its in the middle of a rich ass community bascially the beverly hills of texas well anyways i play music for well....music itself and quite honestly its awesome that i can get money while busking but frankly i am gonna keep half of it and give the other half of whatever i earn away to a charity

so my question what is a good charity to contribute to cmon guys let me know here

Thanks for all of the replys
what the **** did I just read? Use punctuation!

Give the money to AC/DC for an other mezmerizing album.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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Also, the Beverly Hills of Texas is a Taco Bell isn't it? ZING

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Money is just paper, but it affects people like poetry.
Something to do with humans.
You could go for cancer research or something to do with malaria.
That shortens it down a little.

tryhonesty fund, never fails to deliver

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Beverly hills of tx? what is it the woodlands mall?

and give it to a bum. Hes just down on his luck.
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Save The Rain Forest Fund. Dude, without wood how can Guitars be made?
Damm. Due to your punctuation, im picturing you busking really fast. With no pauses in between the words.

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