Is there even a difference between the ZR and the Floyd Rose?

I'm considering purchasing an Ibanez S7320 7-string.. the thing that holds me back is my current Ibanez RG370DX's Floyd Rose, drove me crazy so I shoved a chunk of ash in the back and locked the trem down.

If I can't get that one.. I'll probably go with the Ibanez RG7321FM, with the fixed bridge.

Any comparisons/experiences?
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The ZR's are wayyyyyyyy better than the edge 3's.

No comparison at all. I've got the S620EXQM and the ZR on it is damn solid. It's built completely differently than the Edge 3. Much better design and build quailty. Plus, any S series Ibanez is pretty good, although you'll definitely want a pickup change very soon.
Hey, i just noticed you had the same guitar that i did, enselmis. I also haven't played many guitars, and was wondering how the tone of it compared to other guitars. any thoughts?
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