I'm interested in building a homemade guitar sustainer system similar to the one made by fernandes. I've seen them made before, but all the information I can find is incomplete. Is there anywhere I can find a complete tutorial and wiring diagram that will give me all the information I need to build one? Thanks.
There isn't a *complete* DIY tutorial tutorial on DIY Sustainers.

there are places that give you a 'lead' on what to wind your coil to (& with tips on how to do it).For example....

http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=16984 (photo links broken)

there are places that tell you which circit to match the driver up to the coil with (but then leave you to figure out the intracacies)

there are simple circuits (Ruby Fezter)

there are also more involved circuits out there (with basic AGC ETC)

But none of the DIY sustainers that abound on the net are completely satisfactory - as far as I know *nobody* has made a DIY Sustainer that performs as well as the commercial ones (or looks anywhere near as good!).

the main complaint with DIY sustainers is that the top two thinnest strings don't sustain very well.

the next complaint is the they introduce a degree of unpleasing distortion to the sustained string

For what it's worth I've spent a lot of evenings building sustainer cicuits & driver coils - I spent two months getting the right sustainer driver coil specification alone!

So, if you want some fun - go for it....but if you're expecting a sustainer cicuit as lifted from the net to be really good, then you'll likely be a bit disappointed.

If anyone here wants a custom sustainer coil wound (ie to dabble with diy sustainer circuits) - drop me a PM....should be able to work something out! (I make them surface mount....so no routing of your guitar body necessary - put it next to your neck pickup)
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Please feel free to let us know if you figure out anything reasonable.
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Please feel free to let us know if you figure out anything reasonable.